Questionnaire of JDF (Japan Defense Focus)

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Q1. How often do you read JDF?

First time to read Read Sometimes Read Almost Every Issue

Q2. Was JDF Easy-to-read?

Easy-to-read Appropriate Acceptable Need More Improvement

Q3. What do you think about the design of JDF?

Exellent Good Acceptable Need More Improvement

Q4. Was the articles interesting/attracting?

Very Interesting Informative Informative to some extent, but need to improve No Interesting Information

Q5. How do you usually get information about the MOD/SDF?

Website SNS (Facebook, Twitter) Newspaper TV program Magazine Other

Q6. What information do you think JDF should provide?

Defense Policy Activities Overseas Introduction of Equipment Organaization of MOD/SDF Meeting with Foreign Leaders

Q7. Which particular article in JDF intrested you? (Multiple answers OK)


Q8. Please let us know your idea for improvement or request, if any.

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